A New Beginning

Hello, my dear friends! Another long gap since my last post, besides the holidays, I’ve got the perfect excuse this time. ;D I’ve been working with Pareto Design to revamp my blog site, and we just made the new site live!

The new site will focus on showcasing all things fashion, beauty and life style, curated by moi, with beautiful images as main focus. I hope it will become one of your go-to resources for not just personal style, but inspirations overall.

Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the site, and the type of content you want to see more going forward. I will take your advice with great respect and improve my new site based on them.

Please also take two seconds to subscribe to my weekly newsletter (pop-up when you first enter the site, or at the bottom of any page). If you are an existing subscriber, no worries, I’ve added your email to my list. I will be sending you a simple newsletter each week to tell you the latest and greatest of Petite Flower Presents including new posts, special events as well as any giveaways. Speak of which, there is a week-long beauty giveaway that is happening right now on www.petiteflowerpresents.com, don’t miss the chances to win some super cool beauty must-haves!

Thank you again for all the love & support through the past four years! See you at the newwww.petiteflowerpresents.com!



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