Multicolor Eye Palette

Hello, my dear friends! Now that holidays is around the corner, there will be more occasions for us to have gathering, family diner, office party, friends get-together…today I am going to share with you three different eye makeup looks I created using one multicolor palette by Clarins. The palette come with 10 different shades ranging from bright white to sparkling black. There is also a look chart comes with, that gives some visual directions of which color to apply where to create different looks. After playing with the colors for a day, I came up with three looks that will take me from daytime to dinner date to party time. Instead writing long instructions, I’ve recorded individual tutorials for the look, they will show you exactly which colors I used and how to apply them.

Look One: Bright & Matt Daytime

This look is very subtle and matt, perfect for office and everyday. This is the look I’d be wearing to business meetings, parent-teacher conference, or any occasion I want to look professional. I used #1 near the brow bone for some highlight,  a very gentle touch of light gray (#2) over the lid and light blue (#3) just over the eye ball area to give the lids more depth and the eyes more brightness. A matt charcoal gray (#6)  was used as eyeliner. In general, I prefer to use eye shadow instead of liquid liner because over time, the shadow will “melt” with the rest of the eye makeup and appears more natural.

Look Two: Fun & Smokey Brunch / Party

This look used colors #7 from the palette. Instead of applying a dark shade to the outer corner of eye, I applied it to the entire lid and reduced the intensity as I got closer to the crease. In addition, I layered bright white (#1) and light blue (#3) from brow bone to crease, and line the eye liner with a deep sparkling navy (#9). Overall, there is a gentle ombre effect of blues.


Look Three: Sparkling &

This look is extra dressy and fun with various shades of metallic and silver. I used color #1 all over the eye areas to brighten, then filled out the entire lid up to the crease with metallic silver (#5). Applied a bit of matt silver (#4)to outer corner of eye for a gentle smokey effect, then lined the lash lines with sparkling black (#10) to make the eyes even more bright.


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