Street Wear Chic

Hello, my dear friends! How is your holiday preparation going? The time is upon us for another round of sale shopping, but at the same time, our budget is even more squeezed by now. Today I want to explore another budget-friendly, right-on-trend outfit idea with you. The resulting look can probably be recreated with next to nothing spending.

The look, as indicated by the tile of this post, is inspired by street wear, i.e. the casual clothing we see in the street when people are off duty. The most common ones are sweats, denim, loose-fit knits, and athletic wear. Because these garments are so basic and indistinctive, they have been ignored by the fashion crowd. However, with the fashion industry moves towards been green and relatable, pioneer designers and label began to put their magical spins on everyday street wear.

What does that mean in plain clothing terms? It means you now buy jeans made from old jeans, sweatshirts bearing the same logo but somewhere deconstructed or reworked, and bags that used to be spotted mostly on shoppers in Chinese whole sale markets. These styles, after being deconstructed & reconstructed by talented young designers, are the ultra chic. The best way to sport them, for everyday’s sake, is mixing with pieces that are more sophisticated with similar comfort.
As you probably could tell from today’s outfit, the sweatshirt is one of those street wear inspired designs, so is the bag. I paired them with an oversized plaid blazer and  plaid mini skirt, they are more conservative and polished than the sweatshirt, the resulting outfit is balanced, functional but not at all conventional. I’d image similar results can be accomplished if paired with a longer skirt or pants or denim. I had worn the same sweatshirt with a midi-wrap skirt and leather biker jacket during New York fashion week in February, for example.

Now back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this post, budget-friendly. Because of the nature of street wear, you can find them very inexpensively. A little fashion DIY they can be just as edgy and chic and the designer ones. Even sweeter if you can find an oversized plaid blazer in a thrift shop, style as suggested, just make sure keeping at least one element of the entire ensemble polished. For me, most of the time, it would be the shoes.

Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Mango oversized blazer <under $130>;
Vetements sweatshirt <similar, on sale>;
Mango plaid mini skirt <under $60>;
Off_White cross body bag;
Off_White boots <on sale>;
Olive Peoples sunglasses <on sale>;


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      Thank you my dear friend! Hope you are having a great holiday season!